Hi, my name is Hollie, welcome to my blog! I first started this blog about a few years ago in high school and was pretty inactive. Now I post every week! I wanted to make a place where I could create and talk about all things inspiring. Be it art, music, literature, movies, people or life!

About the name SONGBIRD… it came to me in high school. There is something significant to me in the meaning of “Song” as my life has been inspired by music and all things music. The word “bird” came to me in a nickname I gave to myself. This may or may not change, but we’ll never know for now! lol

I really do hope you stay and enjoy the content I post! If you have any more questions about me go to the About Me page to find contact info and other stuff.




This is where I post lifestyle stuff. Mostly from my travels or every other month update. Sometimes Favorites and Misc. stuff like “How To’s” and rants or articles.

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Hey! So I happen to write poetry! Funny right?! Go check out some of my writings…

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Where all things are about music!!! I even make some songs and do album reviews and playlists. Every week has a Songs of the Week!

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Things and Inspiration

Just an assortment of all things like Films and Books, Videos, People. Things that inspire me from day to day

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Oh yeah, I have a YOUTUBE Channel! You should probably check it out! I post not every week but at least 1 once every 1-2 weeks. The channel name is HOLLIE CIRA. I do some vlogs, favorites, makeup, lifestyle junk!

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