Hello (Again) my Birdies

Starting the New Year 2017…


Its me again and I am back from a semester of, college. I am currently on Christmas break so the dread of college is coming up. And it was a very schooling experience. Nothing bad happened but I found myself in a hole.

Being a Music major and having crazy hours everyday and homework and practice, money, what I’m eating that day, staying healthy, being myself, or being happy. Which was a very difficult asset to incorporate in my daily life. I wasn’t miserable but I did have hard moments and there was always that special person in my life that helped me through it.

Honestly 2016 has been one of my most life changing years ever. So many people I’ve lost, many new wonderful people I’ve met. A new music kaleidoscope and movie experience. A special person now in my life. So many tears and fears that I had and still have. College career not up to expectation ( so I’ve added English, which might be explained in another post). And a jump of mixed emotions that I could not handle that not many people know I’ve gone through (another post). Even getting older was something so new and quickly done. And it makes me wonder how time and people lose themselves.

I’ve also had the struggle of being inspired. I lost that spark once I started college, which should not happen especially with a creative career of a vocalist. But I got up through the Christmas break and told myself that I need to start writing again. Go back to poetry and reading novels, write a song for once! And slowly gradually I’m going to start picking up my limp mind. For a while I’ve been feeling that I’ve gained 10lbs of low selfesteem.

I hate that part of me. The unsocialable moody being. Who always worries about what everyone thinks.

But I got an idea.

Something that I’ve always wanted to do

I wanted to start writing a poetry series on the people I’ve met and know. My family, friends, and mentors. And about myself, how my mind works and how I truely feel. Yes this isn’t something new and original becaus I bet people write all the time, that doesn’t mean I won’t write for myself and my happiness. I will Also be presenting a playlist of themes of music and such. This is something I want to do because it is something I love. Something I need to work on. A drive to get me back in the mood. Consistency is something I’ve always struggled with, by many people know that I procrastinate and never get things done. I lose the spark, or inspiration.

Problem is, I forget I’m doing it because I love to. Not because I have too.

Always do something you love because you want to, not because people expect it of you.

Thanks for reading! Stay if you want. Don’t give a shit of what people think of you. And you’ll probabaly be seeing me a bit more often. Maybe _(:з」∠)_

Jk you will💖

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