MATILDA: Da baby puppy 

So… I have a puppy and her name is Matilda. She is currently six months right now and is a huge hassle to handle sometimes.

She is a black pug and was the only one out of the litter to survive.

The reason why I named her Matilda is because of the movie Leon the Professional. And I find it funny how the character in the movie fits well with my dog. Little and feisty!

She was born in September and I received her on Thanksgiving in 2015. And it’s been so busy with her. It’s hard at times to watch her because I am always busy or outside of the house. I feel bad all the time when I can’t watch her or enjoy being with her because she never stops moving. But she sure does love the out doors and playing, she still bites so I need to take that habit away.

Funny thing is, she does not like to be pet on the head. It takes forever to get her calm and comfortable to let you pet her head. Most of the time she tries to bite you! She not mean or anything, pugs are naturally hyper all the time. I know Matilda is just hyped on love and excitement and is to young to know any better.

But! Work is still needed to be done with her. So far she can obey some thing but I want her to grown to where she’ll be calm enough to walk around the house.

She’s my little Swiss chocolate roll, and I love her.

Wish me luck on keeping her calm! 🐥


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