Playlist 2: Mac and Cigs

Here is a playlist of my personal Favorite Mac Demarco songs (although I like all of his songs). I started listening to him around last June and was instantly hooked with his “Jizz Jazz” vibes. It’s pretty sad that I came late to the party, but at least I made it. I can gladly say that he is one of my favorite artists, his songs are nice to listen too and always puts me at ease and a better mood. *Another one of my favorite quality of this artist is his process of writing a music, he writes music because it makes him happy. When he records his albums he does it completely on his own. He plays all of the instruments, and records his songs in his home.


* album reference

  1. My kind of Woman

2. She’s really all I need

3. Still Together

4. Ode to Viceroy

5.  Another One

6. Chamber of Reflection

7. Without Me

8. Me and My

9. Blue Boy

10. Salad Days

11. The way You Love Her

12.  Freaking Out the Neighborhood


A lot of his music has a certain sound and maybe the music might not be for you, but thank you for listening if you did or didn’t. If you did then I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do. There will be many more playlists to showcase musical ranges and genres. Thanks for listening!



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