🌵 Los Growlers🌵

On February 25th I went to see The Growlers Perform at Austin’s Emos. It was a pretty dope experience and actually my first time at concert. I am really happy it happened to be The Growlers that I would see perform.


One thing that happened was that I didn’t know what to wear. But I mean it by how affective the weather was going to be that night. It was going to be 40 degrees by 11 pm. I was going to a place where it wasting to be packed with people and bodies touching. So in the end I figured something out with my favorite green sweater, eventually I took it off during the show. But it was extremely cold as soon as me and my boyfriend left Emo’s, we put on the band shirt that we bought underneath our clothes.

Getting to the venue, we decided to take a bus after all. We had to take two trips till we got to the place around 7. The doors opened at 8, and I am so glad we arrived early. There was already a line outside, and lucky we weren’t that far from the opening.  With that we got front row…and about that…

First it was amazing to be five feet away from the main singer Brooks. My history with this band has been since I was in middle school. My dad was the one who introduced me to two of their songs from their first album “Are you In or Are You  Out”, they were “Empty Bones” and “Wet Dreams”. I was in awe to finally see this person who I have never thought I would be able to look at in person, not in youtube videos. When they did sing the songs from their first album, no one else really sang them outloud because they didn’t know it (lol). However, I didn’t know some of their new songs by heart but I have listened to them, and they’re are some pretty badass songs. To be able to actually see someone play the guitar, and the bass, to actually hear them sing the words, in a unit: was something so phenomenal for me.


The problem with being close is that I am a small person. So of course I was pushed around really bad. It got so bad to a point that I became the pushable person between these two girls. One of them who was two heads taller than me wasn’t even next to me in the beginning of the concert, she and another tall friend of hers pushed their way towards me and my boyfriend claiming that other people were pushing them forward. That same girl elbowed me and pushed me back of her and called me something vulgar that I couldn’t hear anyway.

I wanted to punch her in the face so bad. What I didn’t like was that some people were not courteous to one another. I mean we all like The Growlers, so please let other people enjoy. I know it’s a concert and people are route but, come on. Also this one girl kept pushing my boyfriend, she was literally up against his back smoking a cigarette and blowing it right into his hair and face, dropping the ashes on him. That was not okay.

But to make up those mishaps was The Growlers themselves. They knew how to put on the show, and the music was so amazing to dance to. I was having fun, even though I couldn’t breathe between two girls, it was worth it and I would go see them again.


This month I am waiting for the release of Mac Demarco’s new album (5th of March) and tour dates and locations. Also The Shins are coming out with a new Album on the 10th of March. This May I am going to see Chance the Rapper at JMBLYA, and I’m really hyped for it. On April Real Estate is coming to Austin, hopefully me and my boyfriend are going to buy tickets to see them!



This was the best thing that came out of my February, besides valentines day when I just enjoyed spending time with my boyfriend. The concert was something that I needed. I was going through a hard time that week personally and mentally. Having the adrenaline and excitement rush over me was a dose of happiness I lacked.

I hope everyone had a great February!



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