Foxygen: “Hang” Album Review

Something that surprised me for this year. I had not idea that Foxygen was going to release a new LP this year. It has been a while since  listened to any of their new music since their album …And Star Power. I feel that personally it is about time for me to get back into the grove of their musical concept of 60s/70s inspired indie rock and psychedelic rock.

Indie rock duo Sam France and Jonathan Rado of Foxygen has released their new Album Hang.Honestly when I heard their first two songs I forgot to prepare myself to be sucked into my old records of The Rolling Stone’s with a mix of T. Rex Vocals. Foxygen is one of the only bands that I know of that has a very distinctive tonal quality. With orchestrated melody, building piano chords, and rolling drums. Here and there a few brass instruments that build up the sound and fill in the violins you can hear in the back ground.


This album is just full of 70s sounds. At times I even think of Roxy Music (Foxy) when there is a instrumental change. But back to the stylistic approach of Hang, the difference from this album from their past ones is investment to the production and quality they are giving to their audience.

There is a high quality of production and sound improvement. It is a more mature sound of Foxygen, and even the vocals are more jumpy and crazy as before.The songs sound fuller with more of a structure and flow. The first song Follow the Leader, is their greatest starters to this Album. Its winding violin and horn introduction followed by Same France’s vocals leading to the chorus captures me from the start. It is a groovy, sexy spunk that is in some reflection of Motown. As being an oldies fan, I appreciate this take on a song like this. But abruptly ends and begins with piano and drums to Avalon, and for a moment I feel that the Muppets are about to sing. But I like it in a way.

Hang collectively has sharp melodies, weird transitions, and build ups. It is a theatrical and in some way carnival musical. Songs like Avalon, America, Trauma, Rise Up…( and possibly others) have the theatrical taste that is not much as appealing as their first song. But their whole production of the musical composition is what makes up for the lack of taste and tonal quality that I personally like.

If you watch a 70s musical or movie, hasn’t there been some moments where something is dragged on for too long. Like maybe a musical number, or a scene where you know what should happen or end but it’s dragged out like a dead body? That is one conflict that I can hear in this album. However is it covered up by some great bass lines, and guitar riffs, like in Rise Up which is a good mark on my list.

Overall I would give this album a 4.5 out of 10. Partly because most of the songs for me are too theatrical. I would say that the first three songs are by far the best in quality and can probability appeal to most people. Foxygen is a great band that are finally finding the sound they have always intended. I have always liked them from the first time I heard San Francisco. They did a good job on this release and production, and I give credit for the dedication and time they put into this album. It is a nice ablum and full of astehtic. It has a fanciful vibe and I bet the performances should be interesting to watch.

Give it a listen, give music a chance.


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