New Artist: Cosmo Pyke and First Impression of “Just Cosmo” EP

A few days ago I slipped into a Youtube black hole as I watched Foxygen’s latest Music video for Follow the leader, I saw a music video titled Chronic Sunshine. It was late in the night, I was doing work that stressed me out way too much and I thought, why not watch it.

Thats when I was introduced to Cosmo Pyke. A 18 year old artist who creates jazzy, lo-fi, soulful hiphop music. His first single was released in 2016 and for this year he released his EP title Just Cosmo. My first impression with Chronic Sunshine blew me away. It was a very new and experimental sound that gave me a chill and relaxed vibe. As I listened also to it wonderful bass line leading into the charming vocals. Cosmo’s voice is charming itself- a deep relaxed vocal quality that reminds me a gentle version of King Krule.


Throughout the spring break would hit play on Cosmo Pyke everyday, listening and enjoying every song that would play. Anywhere I went or while I was getting ready, Cosmo’s voice was what I wanted to hear in the background. This isn’t just background music, it’s dreamy and sexy and something to enjoy while walking outside, or laying down in your bed with noting to do. By far, Chronic Sunshine was the hook of all. Another song like Social Sites, possesses a dreamy funky sound, with slow deep bass lines.


I have been in a search for a new artist. Someone not vigorous or too poppy. Finding him, he held such a perfect balance. All the songs are composed with intended soul and creativity. His poetics line with with the instrumentals, which make a refreshing slow combo. Cosmo Pyke is definitely someone new to listen to. He posses a great gift of creativity and originality.

*you can find all his songs on Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube

Give it a listen, give music a chance.


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