What it feels like is not fun

I never thought I would be here

Where I am- not in my body.

It is an image that represses and oppresses

functionality and decisions.

I find that I am not happy anymore

And I’ve come to understand now that the

bug bit me.


I first lose my mind…then taste…then a huggable feeling- that I am asking for so much more.

Because it feels like it’s dying.

But I can see it, I am here,

but Scribbles like to live inside my nerves

like I don’t matter.

And it aches when I wake,

it scares the fear to death

and death to life, what is mine?


Little do they know outside as inside.

Seems like I don’t exists anyway because I watch all

work it out.

As I question, pretending to the truth.

It goes.

And so did I for that long long lifetime.

I do not make sense, and people like us never do.

So little know.

But most is silent.



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