YouTube Videos

My main form of “social media” would be Youtube. I can be on the app or on my computer for hours and hours and waste my time watching videos instead of doing actual work. I love to watch You Tube videos, and I usually watch them for inspiration for writing or creativity. I feel that being on twitter and Instagram is okay, but I like to see peoples effort and production into something they love like creating videos and content for people to watch and enjoy. I wish I could create something like a youtube channel, at one time I wanted to but of course I forget or I get lazy. I mean who knows, maybe someday I might start making videos. In like a 100 years.

For now I’ll stick to writing.

But here are some of my favorite youtubers or youtube videos that I like to watch. None are in any particular order because I could not possibility rate all my faves!



  1. Megan Batoon

2. Arden Rose


3. Conan Gray


4. Dashiegames


5. Krist & Yu




7. Marzia


8. theneedledrop


9. Nowness


Youtube videos I like:

  1. Mac DeMarco performs ‘This Old Dog’ at a Dog Grooming Parlour


2. Dramabug – Bravest Warriors (Minisode 2) on Cartoon Hangover


3. My Kind of Woman- Mac Demarco- POPPY


4. Foxygen- Follow the Leader


5. Phoenix Audition Song- Phantom of the Paradise


6. Jon Learns the Hard way


7. The Shins- Simple Song


8. By the way of the green line bus


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