Hello! So lately there has been nothing but music and music and songs and MORE SONGS on this site. And it seems overwhelming, yes. But there is a mother segment of Song(s) of the week!!! Yay! Also on another note I’ve been trying to organize some things to post, and other categories and segments that are lacking, like Life and Events and Poetry. Even the album reviews I have been slacking. But I’ve been brain storming and procrastinating, that’s what we all do right? Anyway! Here are the song(s) of the week.

Love/Paranoia by Tame Impala– I can never get tired of listening to this song. The beginning is just so fucking good, and when he says that one like it makes it even better “Does it really fucking matter?” Ahhh Tame Impala. You guys got a special place in my heart. I hope I see them one day in concert.


Next is an oldie, and I just realized that Ive been playing this over and over almost every day. It’s very calming and it just helps me get back into place.

The Wind by Cat Stevens


Thanks for looking at this post! If you liked these songs leave a comment, if you like this post give it a “like” 🙂 ♥️ If you don’t like anything then that’s cool too, go eat some candy.

*songs linked to Spotify

Give it a listen, give music a chance.



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