This past week the Gorillaz release a new album called “Humanz”, and from their second song I was hooked. A banger. The song “Ascension” caught my mind, and from them on I have been blasting it on my headphones when I walk around. Very upbeat and loud but I like it, and I really do enjoy the rapper.

Ascension by The Gorillaz feat. Vince Staples


The second song that I have been really enjoying is

Perfect by Tyler the Creator Feat. Kali Uchis and Austin Fienstein

I remember I heard this song on twitter but there was no caption to the song. I was on youtube trying to look for new artists and I stumbled upon this gem. The sad thing is, it’s not on its own and is actually a part of another song of his called “Fucking Young”. Song is a nice aesthetic and visual, and around the time I was listening to it it was something I need to listen to to calm my nerves. I was also introduced to the singer Kali Uchis, which I discovered that I also like. I should also give Austin Fienstein a listen.

Give it a listen, give music a chance.


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