30 Days of Songs: Day #18

Day 18: A song from the year your were born.


I would say that I’m a 90s kid, and I am a 90s kid! Born on 1997. What sucks is that I was too young to remember anything from my time. But I do know for sure that my parents would play a lot of The Pixies and Nirvana and Foo Fighters, and Björk. I really do miss the 90s, when things were a bit simple. Clothes were weird, and TV shows were great. The music was full of angst and rock, and I really do love and miss it all.

Everlong by The Foo Fighters

And of course I have to add a Pixie song. The are the band of my childhood.

Money Gone to Heaven by The Pixies

Give it a listen, give music a chance.



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