This past weekend I went to the JMBLYA festival to she Chance the The Rapper. This was one of the greatest weekends I have ever had. It was actually one of the longest weekends I have had and the Friday was the last day I had classes. Which I was not able to go to any of them for certain reasons. Anyway, this weekend was extremely eventful, which is the reason why I could not write or post anything these past days. Most of the time we stayed up until 3. My body would wake up at 9:50 am every new day, which was very weird considering that we stayed up so late

On Friday my boyfriends sister’s,friends, and cousins all came to Austin to take us to the JMBLYA festival. JMBLYA (jambalaya) is a festival where all artists derive from hip-hop, rap,and EDM music. Honestly, I did not know any of these artists except for Chance the Rapper. But I feel that this festival gave me an opportunity to listen to new music and artists from this genre.

Here is the Line Up


Waiting for twelve hours for Chance was well worth the wait. I did listen to the other artists and I end up liking Snow Tha Product, Steve Aoki, Pell, and a little bit of Lil Uzi Vert. What is really funny about this line up and artists is that they all sound alike and very aggressive. Not that I don’t like their music, they just sound all similar. I thought it was so funny that when we will eventually get to see Chance, his music will be so different, bright, and uplifting than the past artists we listened to. But overall it enjoyed it, all i really cared about was to finally see Chance.Next time I think we’ll go another performance where the venue is less hot and is only showing Chance.

Me and my boyfriend the night before, and the day of the concert.

Walking to the entrance, and parts of the festival.

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☀️🎶This weekend was crazy 🎶☀️

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It was extremely hot that day. For one thing we got there at 11:50 and then they decided to not open the doors until one. Not knowing this, all seven of us were standing in the middle of a 1,000 people in the heat and we forgot to fill our water bottles to cut while we waited fro the doors to open. Eventually we made it through.It was really interesting to see some peoples outfits. Some looked good and others were not so good. Its their own body and I can’t say much about it. What sucked about the festival is that people only go because it is a festival and its time to get hammered and fucked up in the moment of music. It was also so hot that people fainted on occasion, and at one point they ran out of water for about half an hour. I could call them posers, but what am I to say if I didn’t really know some of the artists. But if I liked them I would dance and cheer and have fun. The crowd there was kind of lame, and especially during Chance,it was like they didn’t know who he was. So me and my group had our own party in the back where we could see him the best. All of us were star struck and I almost cried on three occasions and almost at the last song he performed which is one of my favorites.

I wish I was closer to him! I know for next time I’ll see him at ACL, (Austin City Limits). I tried to take as many videos and pictures as I could, actually RJ (bf), was so star struck he didn’t take out his phone at all. We were all jamming and having great time. Chance was an amazing performer, very theatrical and sentimental. Honestly the best show ever out of all the performances. At the end of the concert we hauled ass to the merch booth and I got me and RJ Chance shirts to add to our collection of concert shirts.

JMBLYA was an amazing experience and also one of my first festivals. I’m so thankful to spend time with friends and to have fun before I start my finals, which starts this coming Wednesday . The new line up for ACL came out recently and we’re all looking forward to attending that festival. I also found out to day that MAC DEMARCO is coming to austin on October 1st for ACL live, with The Flaming Lips. Of course I want to go. I hope everyones weekend was wonderful!

Give it a listen, give music a CHANCE!


P.S ill try to catch up with my 30 days of Songs, Im curious to see what i’ll put as my music choice.



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