New Artist Discovery

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One artists I have been some what obsessing over is Kali Uchis. First off, I think she is a beautiful woman with a very unique voice. She is a Colombian-American singer-songwriter. She sings and makes music in the style of should, indie-pop,R&B, and electronic. The first time I have heard of her was in Tyler the Creators song PERFECT, a song I have been obsessing over beacause of the beauty of the music video and vocals from the three performers. I really do appreciate her voice and the soulfulness of it, very different from a voice I heard of and I can not think of anyone else to compare it to. Its a surprise that I have found her, her beauty and voice is so empowering to me to feel beautiful to myself.


I really do dig the old 70s and 60s baby pastel vibes of her music videos and style. She is the aesthetic I WISHED to be. I meant to talk about her before hand but I got caught up in other posts I needed to keep up to date. She’s independent in her music and she has features for Tyler the Creator and recently for the Gorillaz newest album Humanz.

Here are some of the songs that I like from her.

This one makes me thing about Quentin Tarintino’s Death Proof. Just all that sexy female power.

I just think she’s a goddess and I wish I would be her!

Give it a listen, give music a chance.


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