Guess What I GOTT

Most people don’t know this about me but…


Although I am cautious to say that I am a SHOP-A-HOLIC. I do buy things but I buy them with reason and with thought. I used to buy things for no reason or purpose. Now I buy with meaning.

  • USE IT

Those are my requirements, and of course if I can afford, it. I do not shop all the time and when I do I try to donate back to my local thrift store. Or I buy at thrift store. SALE is a necessity for me. Because if individual things cost more than 25 dollars, then I can just wait until the sale comes around. Sales are the best.

But back to the subtitle…Ive come under some items that I was so excited about.


This past week I went to the Waterloo to look at records with my boyfriend. I wasn’t planning on buying anything really until we were looking through the used records and he came upon the exact record I have been looking for a long time. Of course my obsession with The Doors, at last I got the record that holds one of my most favorite songs from them. (The Crystal Ship)

The Doors Self Titled along with Real Estate, David Bowie, and Elliott Smith


My roommate got this really pretty planner from this website called .They sell really cute and pretty stuff, so I bought one of their medium planners in their cover No Bad Days


This sure is a big one I ordered a lot of items from a website called and . DISCALIMER- just be careful with ordering from SheIn. Always look at reviews fro their clothes because sometimes they don’t come out as what is expected to be. These are the items I purchased:

I can’t wait to received my packages soon. SheIn might take awhile, but good thing I ordered early. I usually don’t shop all the time, But I feel that everything I have picked is something I like.

I cleaned out my closet recently-which I recommend for everyone- and it got out a lot of clutter in my life. I gave stuff away to friends and family. Its a good thing to recycle what you have because you never know what might still be of use to anyone. Giving is living!

This is definitely a whole different post than what I usually do, if this doesn’t interest much then give me the feedback, If you liked this and want to see more then let me know!

Have a Great Week!


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