Playlist 7: Something About You

I realized that it has been a very long time since I have made a playlist of songs for you. I am so sorry for that! It honestly slipped my mind and it never thought about again. Now, every time I sit down with my laptop open and a fresh blank blog post- if I have writers block I know what to write/make- a playlist!

Since the summer I have come upon some new music. The excitement of concerts coming up this October has gotten me hyped for music. All of these are sort of in the same genre, this not the only music I listen to but it has been circling in my daily music plays. This is what I have for you and I hope you enjoy it :).

Where This Flower Blooms by Tyler The Creator

Amor de Siempre by CUCO

J-Boy by Phoenix ( I just gotta add this one because when I heard it it made me interested, give it a listen)

Ivy by Frank Ocean

Tyrant by Kali Uchis

I Was A Fool to Care by Mac Demarco

Lover Is a Day by Cuco

Mr.Lonely/911 by Tyler The Creator

Somethings Missing by The Internet

She by Tyler the Creator

Know by Syd

All I Never by Noname

Please listen to this! I hope you enjoy it. Send me some new music options or opinions!

Give it a listen, give music a chance.



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