IT the Movie

IT the Movie: WTF did I just watch

This has been one of the best movies I have seen so far in 2017. I can’t really remember what other movies I have seen that came out this year. Perhaps Guardians Of The Gallaxy is up there. But what has been trucking through my mind is the thought of Pennywise the dancing clown and the Losers clubs unity to defeat him and end the traumatizing terrors they face commonly through out the whole movie.

Now, just to put it out there- I have not read the book yet. You would think a reader and poetry lover like me would have already been reading Stephen Kings books since the beginning. But I have only ready his first book “Carrie”. However, I do read about the stories and novels he writes. More than likely someone has at least seen one of his movie adaptations. Most people don’t even known that they have been exposed for traumatized by one of Stephen Kings masterpieces one way or another. For example “The Shining” directed by Stanley Kubrick-is one of my favorite art movies. Even though it is different from how it is portrayed in the book,it is the inspirations and perception that Stephen Kings rubs off of other artists that brings the message and the stories to life. Same thing goes along with the movie Carrie. Stephen King is such a talented writer, that it is too hard to not or to incorporated everything he is trying to say about the moral or message of the novels.

Now back to the discussion. IT

I went to go see this movie three days ago. On that day we were almost close to not seeing it at all but me friend decided that we should all go no matter what. Luckily the theaters had showings at 9:45,10:00,10:45 so we knew we wouldn’t miss it. The theatre was just barely filled with ten people so we got really great seating. Especially mine which was right smacked in the middle of the whole room. Just within the first ten minutes we were freaked the fuck out of six year old Georgie’s death. Which the thought of it still makes me scared and terrified for a death of a child. A CHILD.

In continuation, this movie never stopped keeping me on my toes. This film was amazing. First off in the casting of the Loser squad. All of the characters reminded me what it feels like to be in a group of close friends with their respective characteristics and quirks. Especially Richie and Eddies characters that never failed to make me laugh out loud.


Even though this film is consider horror and scary, it still made me laugh so much. I’d be staring in suspense and fear when Pennywise would appear while at the same time laugh at the reaction of Richie saying ” What the fuck, what the fuck is that!”.

Speaking about Pennywise, Bill Skarsgård. The casting did a wonderful job of casting him as Pennywise. He sure did have big shoes to fill with the 80s adaptation with Tim Curry (A GOD). But Bill made Pennywise into something so sinister and charming that I was terrified and in love with him at the same time. Bill Skarsgård was amazing at playing this demonic clown. The way he talked, walked, looked was just entirely perfect.

The whole concept of a child eating clown posing as their greatest fears. That is a very touchy and controversial subject. Stephen Kings story deals a lot about the concepts of adulthood, fear, and childhood trauma. It is such a mystery and terror to delve into, that it makes me want to read the book (which I probably will). This movie was a reminder that I need to start reading more King-also to write and finishing writing my stories and projects.

I recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for something messed up and hilarious.



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