ON OCTOBER 1 I attended a concert for one of my most favorite artists ever


What I forgot was that The Garden is touring with Mac Demarco’s group. I bought these tickets to ACL Live about maybe six months ago and what I only new what that The Flamming Lips was performing with a opening performance of Mac Demarco (which is who I really wanted to see, but I do like The Flamming Lips). Anyway, I had no idea that The Garden was going to perform. The week before the concert I kept getting emails reminding me to print my tickets before the concert. At the end of the email it had the line up which was:

The Garden 8:00

Mac Demarco 8:50

Flamming Lips 10:40

And I completely flipped out. My boyfriend told me not to get my hopes up. But why would they even put that in the email? Was my ticket finally fully worth what I was paying for. And what do you know…….The Garden came out and did an amazing set. Nothing could describe how happy I was to see them. Me and RJ where up in the balcony assigned seating in the first row so the view was perfect. The only problem was that no one in the balcony wanted to stand and jam out. Technically the population of the crowd was 80% in their forties with no idea who Mac Demarco or The Garden was. Me and RJ were itching so bad to stand up but we didn’t because we would block people behind us. Next time though, we will see Mac in the pit. Damn, I can’t even describe the feeling when I saw him, it was so surreal.

Mac Demarco

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Before the concert, me, RJ, his sister, and cousin used the bus to get to ACL Live. As we were walking RJ looked up at a balcony to our left and jokingly said, “Hey its Mac Demarco” we walked closer and guess who was there smoking a cigarette. MAC DEMARCO. What are the odds that we would walk next to him by chance. He noticed that we were sort of staring so he looked down at us, smiled and waved. HE ACKNOWLEDGED US. We were all cheesin’ pretty hard and could not comprehend the happiness we all felt. We were totally fan girls.

I would have taken a picture of him actually there but I felt that it would be rude


Here are some other pictures I took at the event


The happiness I felt was something I never felt before. I was a happiness of music. My relationship with music is how I felt when I watched Mac and The Garden. The day after they played again at Stubb’s, but it was on a Monday when I had class. That day was horrible because all we could think about is what we could be doing. But it’s okay. I am thankful that I got to go to this concert. I can honestly say that this is checked off my bucket list. I hope I will see them again soon but this time CLOSER. The next concert I get to look forward to is CUCO! I recommend everyone and anyone to go to a concert at least once in their life (hopefully more than once though because concerts are dope). Thanks for reading!


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