October: Where am I, What’s coming up


I have been thinking about setting a monthly update of where I am at the moment. So here is a new catch up with me.

Honestly, this month has been a downer, not just to me but for people around me. Some of my roommates and friends. Everyone has been facing a hard time and I think it just has to do with the month. Midterms are here and there deadlines for things. There are festivals and concerts happening which I had my share in. There’s stress, there’s homework, sometimes procrastinating and just enough time in a day.

It is everywhere. And sickness too.

But its okay, the holidays will come before you even know it. I try to stay on top of my classes. I’m not necessarily struggling but I am stressing. I try to write and draw to pass the time and relieve the stress. I’ve been lacking sleep and its been affecting my vision. I am way too tired to focus on words while I read or during class. Since I can’t focus, I have no idea what is going on in my classes. I’m not the only one so that makes me feel better. College is so weird. the only thing that the system cares about is stamping you with a grade and add you to their statistic of graduation.

I love to learn, I like to discover new things and the fact that I have to shove information in my head just to complete it and get a grade one is so stupid. How can anyone do something like that? What is the point? And the answer someone will tell is is that “life is hard” or “that’s how life is”. Actually-No- it does not have to be that way. Life can be so much better if we actually learned in school instead of learning to take a test.


On another point, I’m working on a new project. It is a themed project and it is a secret. I was so excited when I thought of it out of nowhere. It felt like an epiphany.  It is going to take time to work on it because I have other things going on in my life. But this is a special project for me and not school related. I’ll give more information about it the more I feel comfortable about it.

I hope everyone’s month gets better and less stressful. I hope that fall and winter will put an ease on our lives. I hope everyone is doing well and is happy!



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