THE SHINS IN CONCERT feat. Girlpool and Baio

This is late but…

Something pretty surreal happened to me. This was actually a few weeks ago but I didn’t have time to write about it. On November 12 my boyfriend and I  went to see The Shins. Yes, the band that has been a part of my life since I can remember. I would have never thought that I would be able to see them. I always worried that they would break up or die off before I could ever see them. But, I can now scratch off The Shins on my concert bucket list. This was an experience that was incomprehensible. My boyfriend and I are such nerds when it comes to James Mercer and The Shins, it is actually the main band that brought us together.

Now when I first bought the tickets I didn’t really pay attention to the date. I didn’t care, I wanted to go see The Shins. It wasn’t until the week that I realized that it started after a choir concert I had to perform in. however, by luck, a friend offered to drive us to the venue after the choir concert. And by chance, we got to Emo’s at the perfect time before people started to crow in. We got front row.

Before we saw The Shins, Girlpool performed. I remember that I’ve heard of them before but I’d never thought I would get the chance to actually hear them in person for the first time.


I really enjoyed listening to them. A lot of their songs gave me a lot of 90s vibes. I wish I could find their setlist so I could save all the songs that I liked, but listening to all their albums will be fun. The band originally started as a duo, Harmony (Bass) and Celo (lead guitar). I really did like how they added more to their guitar and bass duo, with a drummer and keyboardist who also plays the saxophone.

The next person to perform was Baio. What I didn’t know until I got to the venue was that he was the ex-bassist for the band Vampire Weekend! He started solo, with the exception of one of his friends playing guitar and a guitar solo for some of his songs. Baio has a very interesting take on music, applying a lot of visuals with his performance. He has a projector on the stage with a screen to the right of him flashing pictures and shapes along with the lyrics and occasionally his face. He was a great show, dancing and shaking his hips like he had no care in the world. It was pretty funny.

And of course…

What I’ve been waiting for was The Shins.

Now I’ve never experienced the feeling of being starstruck. Except when I saw Mac Demarco and he waved at me from a balcony. But. The anticipation is what killed me. The thought, the idea, the fact that I was going to see The Shins blew my mind, and RJ’s too. It was nothing imaginable. I had my phone out ready for them to come out, and we he did… my hand started shaking, my heart was pounding- as soon as he began Caring is Creepy I put my phone down. All I could do was watch and sing and dance along to the music. It was such an amazing feeling to see a band from your childhood in real life. I never thought I would have this opportunity to be able to see this amazing maker of all the music I played in elementary, middle school, to high school while everyone else listened to the radio. The Shins was the first real band that I actually liked and could feel something.

I am incredibly grateful to the music gods giving me the opportunity to see The Shins, all the amazing openers for them. I will never forget this night, I will never forget the amazing person I spent it with. This late birthday gift to myself was worth it. With every chance you get, go to the concert no matter what! Life is short. and life is full of music.


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