SOTW #38

This week I decided to listen to a new artist that I keep seeing sponsored posts about. It’s this guy called BØRNS. I’m pretty sure most people have seen his recent album cover, maybe even a poster around the streets of Austin. I was on the bus on my way to go to class and I felt that listening to my library was too usual for me and I remembered that I haven’t listened to BØRNS. I listened to the songs consecutively and I have to say, I really did enjoy it. I didn’t have any preconceptions or expectations to his sound. I was so nice to just listen to something without hearing it before in a single or something.

I really liked…

Sweet Dreams

I also listened to drakes newest single. Honestly, I’m not a crazy drake fan BUT I do like some of his songs.

God’s Plan


Honestly, all that I’ve been listening to is a bunch of Kail Uchis and Paramore which is two totally different genres. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Her’s and Rex Orange County because of my bf. Then someone started playing The Internet at a get together I was at, and I forgot how much I love them.

Hard Times by Paramore

My music has been all over of the place and I’ve been recollecting a lot of old songs I listened to in high school (a lot of memories there lol). So I was thinking of making a Throwback Playlist soon for all you music lovers! This first week of February has been pretty good so far, at first I thought I was behind on my work but I’m pretty much on schedule!

Everyone have a great week!



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