SOTW #40

For this week’s Songs of The Week, it is sort of scattered all over the place. I feel like I haven’t had time to enjoy any of my music due to a past stressful week with exams and other stupid problems.

First I’ve been going back to my favorite Mac Demarco! (heh heh surprise!). I’ve been listening to his demo’s for the album Another One. These are my picks from there:

Another (demo) One #1

Ricks New Haircut #1

Another throwback for me would have to be some picks from the Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack. For Valentine’s Eve, I went to go see a party showing at the Ritz, well worth and super fun. I recommend watching this movie!

I heard Ramona Sing by Frank Black

Threshold by Sex Bob-Omb

I’ve also been listening to Soccer Mommy on repeat and singing along to the song…

Cool by Soccer Mommy

And let’s not forget some other picks

Cab Deg by Good Morning

Prune, You Talk Funny by Gus Dapperton

Pretty Girls by Micheal Seyer

Give it a listen, give music a chance!



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