Organize With Me: Desktop

Check out these step of how I colored my files and cleaned my desktop!

I wouldn’t consider myself a messy person, although sometimes times I do get pretty cluttered. One thing I would always do is have all my files and icons covering my desktop, and I don’t even want to tell you how bad the Finder was. Besides that, I decided to use my files and folders more efficiently.

1. Trash Crap.

Documents, pdf, images of your favorite artist you used to like need to go in the 🗑. It’s 2018, time to clean out those old high school essays and those from 2 semesters ago. However! Save essays from last semester, you never know when you have to write a thesis statement again, old writings can help with that.

entrepreneurship 101.png

2. Make Folders and Categorize

Look through your documents and decided what should go where. This will make finding things and sorting so much easier.

entrepreneurship 101 (2).png

3. Color and Name the folders.

This is honestly the best part! You can customize your folders with color coding. I have a Mac so if you have a different computer sorry I’m not sure how to do it.(it’s not that difficult anyway.)

We’ll start with our sample folder…

  • Right-click and get info
  • Click the small folder icon on the right side corner and copy.
    • Make sure the folder is highlighted

entrepreneurship 101 (3).png

  • Open preview in Apps.
  • Go to right-hand corner and Open New From Clipboard

entrepreneurship 101 (4).png

  • Once it’s open go to Tools to Adjust color to your liking
  • Then go to Adjust size and make it smaller similar to the folder icon in the INFO FROM ORIGINAL FOLDER
    • The size needs to be small in order for the color to fit!

entrepreneurship 101 (5).png

entrepreneurship 101 (6).png

  • Lastly!!! Highlight the small Folder Preview
  • Go back to the ORIGINAL FOLDERS INFO
  • Highlight the righthand icon
    • PASTE!

entrepreneurship 101 (7).png

NOW! If you have trouble with this its is either because of

  • Copying and Pasting
  • Changing Size and copying it after.

4. Do the same for the rest!

entrepreneurship 101 (8).png

I hope I explained it well enough for you all! If not then there are videos, BUT don’t forget to change the size of the folder! Some videos don’t say that!

I hope you like this! Let me know if you like organizational and cleaning posts!

Now get to organizing and clean up your desktop!





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