SOTW #41

These past few days I’ve been listening to some new songs and have non stopped obsessing over. Some songs old and some songs pretty new. For this past week, music has been a big stress reliever now. I always make time for music and from listening to these songs it has inspired me to write a new one for myself. I’m not sure when but I will start the process soon, maybe this spring break or something. Anyway, here are the newest songs of the week!

All the songs from MGMT’s Little Dark Age album

Okay, I had no idea that they released a new album. I’ve been craving for listening to something new and this served me well. Honestly, all the songs are amazing, please go check it out!!!

Next is something I found on my discover weekly on Spotify. (I feel stupid, I had no idea this was a thing, the best source to find new songs and music.) Here are two songs I liked…

Live Well by Palace

Beautiful…just beautiful. I don’t know why but this song really makes me feel sad/happy. Please listen to this song. PLEASE.

How Was Your Day? by Mellow Fellow and Clairo 

Now, going back to my 90s roots and such, I’ve been fangirling over Kim Deals band The Breeder’s which are going to release a new album this March. The bass is sexy, the guitar is sexy, Kim Deal is sexy. Even with a simple bass intro, this song reminds me of complete nostalgia and the fact that my parents were grunge freaks.

Cannonball by The Breeders

Also, let’s not forget the song shes known for…

Gigantic by The Pixies

Again with her simple bass line, perfect.

I have so many new songs to share with you but that will come soon in a new playlist, which you will be given to in the future!

Give it a listen, give music a chance.


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