Febuary: Monthy Catch Up

Although this month is short, it seems to me that it’s been going on for forever. I think I’ve been more stressed than I was last month and I think it has to do with the fact that there are few days in this month to work with. Even as the days seem long, time goes by too fast for me.

Where should I start..

This is the month of first exams so I’ve been swamped by unnecessary quizzes, information, and readings that I wish I could enjoy but my anxiousness doesn’t allow me. The main thing I’ve been looking forward to is SPRING BREAK. I want to for once get in a swimsuit and get into a pool, and at least have some warm weather for once! It’s dreary outside but sooner or later it will be scorching hot and I’ll be begging for the cold again.

I’ve been on the hunt to search for a new internship which is incredibly hard and annoying. I have some companies and places in mind, hopefully, they’ll be looking for a 20-year-old with somewhat experience. I work for the Fine Arts Career Services as a MArking Assistant. I help with making fliers, designing, marketing business. But for this next year, I want to work with something under my field or that involves literature. I looked at some non- profit publishing companies for Austen so hopefully I can find an internship there. Hopefully!

I have been so tired. I hate when that happens. Why does life make people feel like this? I literally don’t want to do anything. But I have to keep busy, summer is for laziness and relaxing. Spring and Fall not so much. I’m still running and I’m slowly seeing the progress of my work. This past week I didn’t run for three days and it killed me. I don’t think I went back to my old habits, I definitely feel really good when I run and I’ve seen some changes in my legs! I need to train more on endurance and millage.

On another note. I have to improve my writing style. I don’t think I’m a bad writer. I’m just a lazy and comfortable writer. I choose to write the way I want. It has been years since I’ve actually written a short story or anything creatively longer than a poem. I’ve stopped short story writing a long time ago and resorted to poetry. With poetry, I can be vague and confusing as I want. In my recent essays, I always have one problem which is my sentence structure. I have a hard time sounding clear and NOT write like I would for poetry. I should probably get back to reading Writing Tools, 55 Essential Strategies For Every Writer by Roy Peter Clark.


Maybe this will help me focus and improve my skills in writing. I should also start writing short stories. I also started writing for The Odyssey Online which helps me out with deadlines and making creative content.


This month I watched two new movies, Three Billboards, and The Florida Project. I have yet to see Call Me By Your Name and Shape of Water. One movie that really stuck out to me was The Florida Project, it was so real and relatable. I also felt this way with Lady Bird. Some criticized the ending, and if you’ve seen it you know what I mean by this. To me, I think it ended the right way, there is an overall message to it which people might miss. I related so much to the events that unfolded in either of these two movies. Also, William Dafoe is amazing.


I’ve also been really into some new artists and songs. Go check out my Songs Of The Week (SOTW) on the music tab in the menu. I am also an avid watcher of Youtube and my time is well spent watching youtube videos. I would make a list of the people I watch but It’s too long.

What else? Goals, blog Ideas and making new songs.

I sort of started to fall apart in my routine at the end of the month, but I think that’s common for everyone. So for this next month, I hope I’ll be able to maintain my readings and study habits. I will continue with new projects for my blog, and maybe something else outside of that. I want to make a new song! It’s already in the process and I have two song idea’s that I need to brush up on. The band Girlpool has been inspiring me a lot to write music and mess around with my guitar. The other day I was just playing whatever and it felt so nice. I’m so excited, but that will come in time! I am continuing my interview series and drafting new playlist ideas. Like I said this month was way to sort to have enough time for myself.

Well, I can’t wait for vacation and future concerts ahead of me! I’ll see you guys again in a new month!


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