The People All Call Her Alaska

I wrote a new poem based off of one of my favorite songs by The Velvet Underground, written by Lou Reed. The song also features in one of my favorites movies, The Royal Tenenbaums by Wes Anderson. I hope you like it and also listen to the song…

The seashells call at the edge of the ground

From the seven points of the world

and she doesn’t hang up the phone.

still, no one answers her.


She’s done playing the door

which no one cares anymore

She wants to know why she tries

for those she hates much so


She calls at the edge of the ground

But no one’s there to sound,

they think she has gone.

But is this good or bad?


She not afraid of dying

She’s so cold like Alaska

That people start to confuse her.

But its all in her mind?


Inspired by Lou Reeds, Velvet Underground “Stephanie Says” 




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