New Artist Inspiration: Ruru

I have not posted New Artist Inspiration for a long time and I thought now would be a good time to tell you who has been inspiring to me!

This is one of many but this singer named Ruru has been the newest in the spotlight. I found her out through my boyfriend (RJ if you’re reading this, thanks :p). He said he found her through his recommendations from SoundCloud when he listened another group called Her’s. Ruru is a solo project by the artist Ru Quimbo. Her style is inspired by bedroom pop, RnB, and jazz. She reminds me a lot of other artists I listen to, for example, Mellow Fellow, Clairo, Winona Forever, Jakob Ogawa, and No Vacation. If you like any of these artists, I’d suggest listening to Ruru.

When I listened to her latest album (released January 4, 2018) I was so inspired to work on some songs I have yet to finished. I would love my music to sound similar to hers or in that type of genre. RJ and I talked about how simple and pleasing her music is. Her vocals aren’t like crazy amazing and hardcore, but simple and beautiful. Sometime’s its great to listen to music like this, it makes you feel good.

I hope she continues to make music if you want to hear more besides her album Sleep, go check out her latest singles Another and Coco. 



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