SOTW #43

Hello! Sorry for the late Songs of the Week. I just got back home so I didn’t really plan it out. But! I do have some song selections for you.

In a recent post, I talked about the singer Ruru. (Thanks to RJ) . I listened to her recent album and I loved it. It reminds me a lot of Jakob Ogawa, No Vacation, or even Clairo.

When You’re Away by Ruru

Her songs just make me feel happy while making my heart ache. Please give her a listen!

Next song I found while browsing Spotify, I swear I’ve heard this song from somewhere like a commercial. ( As I wrote that I realized where it was from). It’s from a Glossier commercial for their newest product.

TTYL by Morabeza Tobacco

The next song I recommend listen to with headphones!!! It makes a difference. I’ve recently been into this game called Monument Valley and they released a part two. This games graphics are beautiful, no joke, and the score is perfection! It’s available in the app store for 4.99, but it’s well worth it for the beauty.

Interwoven Stories by Todd Baker

Lastly, we have Men I Trust. I really wanted to see them since they’re in Austin for SXSW. Maybe next time I’ll stay in Austin for Spring Break.

Show me How by Men I Trust

I hope you like these songs! Please check them out!

Give it a listen, give music a chance.



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