SOTW #45

Hello, My Birdies! This past weekend was good and weird at the same time.

Yesterday I saw the movie Isle of Dogs and I realized today what song caught my attention. I’ve heard this song before a long time ago and hearing it again in the movie and then this morning on my discover weekly I knew it had to be one of my Songs of the Week!

I Won’t Hurt You by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

This song gives me so much The Zombie and The Velvet Underground vibes. I miss listening to “Wes Anderson” music. I should get back into that.

Young In the Garden by Sexy Girls

Blood Under My Belt by The Drums

I really want to listen to their latest album “Abysmal Thoughts”. I heard another one of their songs and hands down I need to listen to it.

That’s it! I hope you like these song selections! If you have any recommendations just let me know and I can feature you!

Give it a listen, give music a chance!



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