March: Monthy Catch Up

Hello Everyone!

I can’t wait for the summer. I’m already dreaming about doing nothing with my time. Just reading, playing guitar, traveling, swimming, hanging out with friends and family. School is already beyond me.

Where Should I Start…


I can’t believe another month has finished. It seems like yesterday I was dying for Spring Break. Time goes by so fast. This month I wrote 3 essays and had 2 exams this past week. I can’t even remember anticipating those due dates. College has been a blurb and stressful at the same time. I am so happy that there is a month left in this semester.

On another note, I only have a few more assignments to work on and about 3 books and 2 essays. I also applied for the Creative Writing Certificate and hopefully I’ll find out more in April. I still have yet to find an internship for the next semester, but I shouldn’t let thatĀ bother me, things will work out.

My grades have been pretty great for this semester which actually surprisesĀ me. Not that I do horrible in my classes, I have been getting pretty good grades on my essays that I’m pretty proud of! I’ve been able to sustain my grades. Maybe it’s because I’ve fully emergedĀ into an EnglishĀ major? I can honestly say though that I’m going throughĀ these classes in sort of a blur. You know how you get stuck in routines? Then everything seems the same and repetitiveĀ that it just makes you exhausted? Yeah, that’sĀ me!

reading and hmwk

šŸŒ¼ Personal šŸŒ¼

For this Spring Break, I was going to stay in Austin but I’m glad I didn’t. I actually got to go home and spend some time with my family and friends which is just exactly what I needed. I got to see my mom and brother and grandparents which was just so great! I missed them so much lately and I still do. There’s something about being home that makes life stop just a bit.

I even got to see my best friend!!!! I was so worried that I wouldn’tĀ be able to see her because of the short amount of time I had for the break but we did get to hang out! I missed her so much. I wish I could pack her up and take her to Austin with me. For sure this summer šŸ˜‰



NOW. I didn’tĀ just sit around and do nothing for Spring Break. I had to do somethingĀ else! I went to the LiveĀ Stock Show, just for the carnival tho :). My boyfriend’s parents got us tickets to go and I was so excited because I haven’tĀ been to a carnival in years. We haven’t been to a carnival together! The food was great and the ride gave me completeĀ nostalgia. I laughed so much. It was a great night.


šŸŒ¼Favorites and OtheršŸŒ¼

I recently got some new running shoes called Brooks. They are the best running shoes I have ever owned. I totally recommendĀ them if you’re willing for the price, I luckily got them as a gift and they are amazing shoes! Besides loving objects, I’ve been loving a couple of bands and artists like Kali Uchis, Ruru, The Garden, Girlpool, and Soccer Mommy. I’ve been playing theirĀ music nonstop and they’ve automatically become my favorite artists so far. I bought tickets to see The Garden at the Levitation festival this April. I also have King Krule and Matt and Kim to see that same month.

I’ve also been obsessing over the TV Friends. Sometimes I spend my time just watching episode after episode. I remember watching them when I was younger and with my mom but there was nothing much I could remember about the actual show. Shout out to all my Friends lovers. For those who don’t like Friends – leave…right now.

The movie’s I’ve watched have been Ready Player One, Black Panther, and Isle of Dogs ( that I could remember!). The Isle of Dogs is so beautiful! I love Wes Anderson so much, especially his music choices. The song I won’t hurt you by West Coast Pop Art Experimental BandĀ is one of my favorites now. This movie is so tender and sentimental. I absolutely recommend to watch it!


I’m coming up with new ideas for this blog and other creative content. It’s a secret! I hope it works out and I will still be working on my writing and songwriting. I have a song that is technically scraps of a song but it will soon be finished and touched up. I really feel like writing a short story or something but I’ve been stuck on writer’s block for such a long time. I should get back to my writing journals and prompts. I think the Instagram for @_hollie_songbird_blog has been going pretty well! If you are interested please follow it! Links are on my personal Instagram!

Happy April!





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