National Poetry Month 4/6

ME, as a Writer, had no idea that it’s National Poetry Month…

I know I’m behind on the challenges and the daily poems, so I’m going to make my own challenge! To show my appreciation for national poetry month I am going to post a poem every Friday for the month of April. It will be a total of four poems with prompts that I collect from challenges online and such.  There is no distinct one that I’m following because all the challenges I find online are pretty much the same or not to my liking.

It’s a challenge itself because I have to make a poem based on the specific rules for whatever prompt I pick. SO here it goes!

Go get one of your favorite books. In only five minutes highlight random sentences and phrases that catch your attention or appeal. Make a poem using those phrases you marked in order. So choose wisely!

 One of my favorite books I’ve read is The Virgin Suicides by Jeffery Eugenides. Here is the finished poem I got 🙂


The dance was breaking up and the room rippled with laughter.

We clicked and absolutely nothing fell into the projection slot.

She hung her head, now in its fifth month.

Then she froze, their faces cold cream white.

“You have to taste it with a kiss”.

And I had to beg to defer.


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I hope you enjoy this poem. Please share with other poetry lovers! If you want to follow along with me in this challenge please do and tag me to the poetry you write, I would love to read it!






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