Hello! So remember when I said I wanted to start something new? Here it is!
I was hesitant on making a vlog because I kept getting nervous about filming, but I decided to just suck it up and do it. Who cares how it would come out. I had fun making it for you guys and I can’t wait for you all to watch it on my channel. It’s uploaded right now so please feel free to click the link below and watch!

VLOG 1: concerts on a weekday pt 2

Hey! Earlier in the year, I bought tickets to two concerts without thinking about what time or date it was. Then I found out that one concert was on Tuesday and then on Thursday the same week. The first day was King Krule feating Kelsey Lu! The experience was so great and I nearly got squished to death in the mosh pit. But I had a great time. This is just a vlog to show you what I did throughout the day leading up to the concert! I hope you all enjoy it!

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