Part 1: The MOM playlist

I made a playlist inspired by my Mom’s taste in music.

One day while studying for an exam a thought came to me. I was listening to music and I realized how much my music taste has evolved and grown. I had music tasted that ranged from my mom to my dad. The time I would spend with them I remember that music was always involved in the background.

My mom played violin in her younger years but other than that, her love for music came from bands and music and experiences her life. I remember being in the back of the car and going through albums my mom would play. She kept a purple CD wallet thing on the floor of the car and she had so many burned CD’s. Being in the car while music played full blast was the best. I was so young, I had no idea what some of the songs or artists names were. It wasn’t until I actually got a device that I could download music on, that I learned the names of the songs and artists that were with me since birth. Later, my mom got Pandora and that’s where a lot of my mom’s new music came from. A lot of this artist on this playlist I made have inspired my taste in music, some more than others. I know for a fact that everytime my mom recommends me a song, I will more than likely like it.

Music is such a wonderful memory maker and influencer. Some of these songs make me feel very nostalgic and wish that I could hear it again for the first time. I tried my best to pick all the best songs and I only wanted to select a certain number of songs. Some of these songs were played for me as a baby, some in my teen years, and some in my adult years.

Thank You Mom For The Music!


(the picture is of my mom and my grandma)

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