April:Monthly Catch Up

Some Favorites, New Projects, the end of the semester, whats going on…

I am writing this on the last of April. I planned to do this sooner, but it did not work out! Anyway, hello to the new Month of May. What we got coming up is my brothers birthday, mother’s day, dead week (for some), and the summer! For me this last week will be filled with exams and a quiz, but not to worry, the good thing is that I will get it done!

I can’t believe how fast and jam-packed this month has been. So many concerts, new projects, assignments, and events. I’m not even sure where to start!


Just a quick wrap up about the last thing I said about school, I was accepted to the Creative Writing Certificate program! I remember I was so worried about it but I heard back from them quickly. What a relief! My grades are really great this semester. This is probably one of the best semesters I’ve had. There was a lot of reading but I got through it pretty well.

🌼Blog and Idea’s🌼

 I’ve started a new project! I’m making YouTube videos! Yes, I am finally doing it! I remember wanting to do it the beginning of May last year and I never thought about it again. But this time I really do want to make videos. I wish I had a camera though, making it on the iPhone is easy however its annoying for the storage of video clips and placing my phone on a tripod and such. I had a tripod but I lost it somewhere in my mom’s old house, so it’s probably in a box somewhere. I the meantime I’ll just be stacking my phone on some books.

I am so excited to start on this! I want to do it just for fun because I felt that my blog needed a new source of content and creation. So don’t forget to check it out and subscribe to my YT channel!


reading and hmwk (1).png

Also! I have a lot of posts that I’ve yet to publish. I’m trying to space out my content so I can give a chance for all my posts to see the light of day. It’s difficult for everyone trying to do their own thing or everything. The Songs of The Week will always be a weekly thing, I’m just trying to decide how and what should be scheduled for the months. That is something I need to work out.


So the month of April was filled with concerts! And some of the best ones I’ve been to ever! Every chance I could get I would buy the tickets no matter the day and time. I was going to see them! I also decided to vlog two of the concerts I went to (VLOG1) and (VLOG2)

I got to see King Krule feat. Kelsey Lu on the first day on a Tuesday I believe. Then on the same week, I got to see Matt and Kim feat. CRUISR and Twinkids. In the King Krule concert, we sort of got pushed back a bit from where we were in the front. These two idiots made their 6-foot boyfriends cut in front of us. But overall, King Krule was an amazing performer. I love my Archy!

In the Matt and Kim concert, damn. That was amazing! We were also in the front in this concert and it was incredibly fun! I love Matt and Kim, their music makes me happy and pumped up! I couldn’t believe how close we were to them. At one point of the song Can You Blame Me, Matt and I locked eyes at the lyric “for just being alive”.I am so lucky to be able to see a duo like them. I’ve listened to them since the first time they made their first album. It was so surreal.

reading and hmwk (2).png

This past weekend I also attended a Levitation Fest and saw Tijuana Panthers and THE GARDEN (currently they’re my favorite band). I mostly attend the concert because I wanted to see The Garden, a duo composed of twin brothers Wyatt and Fletcher from Orange County, California. Their music is called Vada Vada. You just got to have to listen to it and I think you’ll get what I mean. Each brother also has their own solo project called Enjoy and the other one called Puzzle. When I went to see them, I was fangirling so much. I was so close to them, especially Wyatt. Again another amazing experience of them. I remember seeing them when I saw Mac Demarco and that was a surprise. I am so thankful to be able to see these bands that I love!

the garden.png

🌼Favorites and Other🌼

I can’t exactly remember what has been my favorites recently. I will say that The Garden and Kali Uchis have been up there for me. Going to concerts, in general, has been an amazing favorite of mine! I recommend everyone to try to go to concerts as much as they can in their lives. The pushing and terrible people are worth it for the music. I also really love the new playlists I made based on my parents.

I’ve recently started watching a new anime called My Hero Academia. I recommend it, it’s super good and free to stream on Crunchyroll. Yesterday I got to see The Avengers Infinity War, I won’t give out any spoilers, just watch the movies that lead up to it, especially the latest Thor movie and Captain America, and Civil War.


On another note, I will be making more YT videos and creating new music throughout my trip in the summer. I’ll update you on what I’m doing and where I’m going for the break! For sure I’ll have so much to post and talk about.

I also will start a new journal at the start of the summer. It’s about time to get a new one and move on the past semesters.

Before I leave for the break I’m going to visit my family and friends. I’ll be gone for almost a month and a half and I know I’ll miss them so much. There is so many things I want to work on and do during the summer. For sure I want to be a better runner and hopefully do runs here in Austin. I also want to really practice my poetry, I know I always say that but it’s true.

Thank you for reading this!

It’s gonna be MAY!





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