My Obsession With TWIN PEAKS


I’m not sure exactly when I started watching it, but I was looking through Hulu trying to find a new series to watch. That is when I stumbled upon Twin Peaks. Now I vividly remember going through my mom’s movies and TV show collection and playing a file called Twin Peaks, and I was so stupid and young with a low attention span that I didn’t even make it out of the long intro theme. But this second time I decided to watch it…

I will admit- this show distracted me from the real work I was supposed to do. TWIN PEAKS was a gift from heaven, or maybe the Black Lodge. I cannot explain how hypnotizing it was to watch this show. All hats off to David Lynch and Mark Frost for creating a show like this.

This is a show that truly captures a cinematic awakening. It didn’t seem like I was watching a TV Series but more of a movie. The art and nostalgic feel of the movie does bring the sense of awe and unusual to the audience. The series itself is usual and extremely strange, especially with the new 2017 Twin Peaks: Revisited. What is also special about Twin Peaks is the cast of characters and the infamous case of Who Killed Laura Palmer.


And who can forget the amazing Agent Dale Cooper, the main frontman of this whole series.

CoopNew 3.jpg

DALE COOPER (KYLE MCLANHLAN) IS MY MAN! Who can not fall in love with him and his amazing optimistic, spiritual, philosophical, courageous self? He is the man who made TWIN PEAKS the amazing drama, sci-fi, horror, mystery adventure it is. He is the one who bought so many famous coffee and pie quotes, donuts and the thumbs up.



Dale Cooper is a beautiful enigma and to meet Kyle Maclanhlan will make my dreams come true. Now, Twin Peaks just isn’t about Cooper, but circles around a variety and range of weird people that inhabit TWIN PEAKS.

twinpeaks-cast-1.gifSeriously it doesn’t stop there. There are so many stories and interweaving of these characters lives that it is too difficult to put into words. There is evil and there is good, and then the unknown. If I never played that first episode I would have never been able to experience the amazing world of David Lynch. I think I have become a big nerd for this show, even after the first season and two episodes. Those who don’t know, season two is where the show started to go into a pitfall with all the unnecessary scenes and stories that came about. I stayed faithful and watched the rest of the episodes. And lucky me, 2017 was the year that birthed Twin Peaks: Revisited. In this show, it is obvious that David Lynch was able to experiment more with the artistic approach he wanted for his Twin Peaks all along. Revisited is something beyond the original of the 1990’s, no censors at all and is not for the faint of heart or those with a bad attention span. That is one piece of advice when watching all 3 seasons, you need to pay attention. Otherwise, you’d be watching for no reason and wasting hours of your life.

t-p 2.jpg

I have yet to finished the third season, I know I only have four episodes left to watch. However, a part of me wants to go back and watch the first season again. I’ve recommended it to many people but it really is a hard show to watch.

Fire walk with me…


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