Travel Diary #2: Cooking, Late Dinner, Daiso


Today I woke up pretty late. I was still so tired from the time change. But slowly I’m getting used to it. I helped my step-mom, Beth with cooking for a bunch of young Marines for this thing called A Taste of Home. It’s sort of like a potluck for them since they’re probably tired of what they eat in the Mess Hall. I think Beth made about seven dishes and I helped her with some. My favorite was the pulled pork. Oh my god, it was like heaven. She said that she will teach me tomorrow how it’s prepared. She also taught me homemade mac and cheese from scratch, my favorite!

We took the food to the base and I said hi to my Dad. Later that day around 8 pm, Beth and I realized that we haven’t eaten a proper meal all day. So, although I had ramen yesterday, we had ramen again since it was quick and easy to get. They call it ticket ramen because you have to buy it through a vending machine that pops out a ticket with your order and then you go sit down by the bar and give it to the cook. I had gyoza, with rice, and soy ramen. For some reason, though I couldn’t eat it all. I felt so tired and sleepy, all I could think about was rolling under my covers and going to bed.


I woke up and decided that I should run. I felt that running would help me wake up better and feel energetic throughout the day. I feel better but my legs feel terrible! They were on the verge of cramping, which hasn’t happened since my first year in high school. I still ran through and pushed through. I was done around 8:30 am, so I had enough of the day ahead of me. I had some breakfast and waited until Beth came home. Then we got ready and gave my Dad a visit at work

I wanted to do something today off of my Okinawa List, so we went to Daiso! Daiso is like of a 100 yen store, or like Dollar Store/ Dollar General. I haven’t been there technically for about a year. I wanted to go so I could find one of my favorite pens that I bought from there. I had the pen that I would always write with. When it flooded in Austin, my stuff in my backpack got wet and my pen got crushed at the bottom of the backpack. So at Daiso, I found it and bought two! For sure I want to go back and by more pens and pencils because they work so good. Of course, I bought some other things like candy and stickers and some miscellaneous stuff. On our way out I bought a drink from the vending machines, it’s an Aloe Drink and I remember last year letting my Dad taste it and him spitting it out on the pavement. lol


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