Travel Diary #3 Pancakes, Aeon Mall, American Village, Arcade, Yakiniku


Today I wasn’t sure what I would be doing. But it turned out to be a pretty eventful day.  One of our goals was to eat the big thick Japanese pancakes. However, that did not go to plan, the restaurant was closed.So the closest thing I could find for Japanese pancakes was going to the Aeon Mall that has over 80 restaurants at the food court. I’m not kidding. But I got the delicious pancakes in the end! ( I ate it so fast that I forgot to offer anyone else a bite)



I went to the store UNI-QLO and got some new jeans and shirts. Afterwards, we went to American Village to go check out more stores and the arcade/crane/claw place, where I probably spent 1000 yen on the claw, but at least I won one prize on one of the games.


I wanted this Kirby so bad and tried at least 5 times.



I ended the day with pie and ice cream and going to a pet store to play with puppies and get grossed out with the horned beetles on display. I think I actually forgot to eat regular food on the day out, but leftovers were waiting for me at home. Also, this Aquarius drink is so good, it’s like a Gatorade minus all added sugars.


One of the fun things I got to do is go to a Yakiniku place, where it’s an all you can eat place with a little grill where you cook your food at your table. This was the second time I came here so I knew my limit to how much I should eat. Last time I got the meat sweats and felt extremely full.

The dinner was amazing and fulfilling. What is also great about Japan, or the fact that I’m in a country that is not the US, is that I could drink legally. And of course, I had to practice that while I have the chance!




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