Cherish (2002)

I saw a new movie based on a random clip I saw on Youtube. (Some spoil alert)

Recently I’ve been really intrigued with Robin Tunny. Why? Because I was watching Empire Records for the hell of it. Then I wondered, what other 90s- 00s movies has Robin Tunny been in? And that’s when I came upon a clip from the 2002 movie Cherish.

Cherish is a movie about a lonely woman (who finds solace in music) is sentenced to house arrest due to a misunderstanding of alcohol, a stalker’s force, and eventually a car accident. She wants to clear her name and tries to find an escape and freedom by exposing her stalker. She also befriends her parole officer along the journey.


Oh, and by the way, this is also a thriller/comedy/drama.

And maybe even a romance?

This movie is really weird in many ways, but I will say it has a killer soundtrack. I would say that this film could be considered an indie film, based on the cluster of genres and cinematography.

The first thing I will say about the movie is that I wish it developed the relationship between Robin Tunny (Zoe) and Tim Blake Nelson (Bill). There was a sort of romantic, almost sexual intensity between them. I also wanted more screen time with their interactions with each other. But I think in a way it was great how it ended with her being by herself, which is one thing she struggles with. The fear of loneliness, which in the end Bill must learn for himself too.


I feel like I resonated with a lot with Zoe on some levels. Like her passion for music and how it is an escape and almost a focus for her. A focus to help her cope with loneliness. I too understand the feeling of loneliness and the constant need to have something in my life. I also really loved how Robin Tunny portrayed this characters, we can see her grow out of her low self-esteem and the need to work on her self. I mean she kind of has to since she is stuck in house arrest.

One problem, changing her looks and straightening her hair as a form of being liked. However, some need a change like this. I changed my hair and the way I dress because I feel more confident. I just wished that the characters would change what is on the inside rather than the outside. But I guess with a movie, one needs to see the change happen in a character, as it symbolizes a new break in a character.

The music, was very captivating, very well placed and played at the right times in the movie. It sort of spoke for the characters that were placed within that scene. I recommend listening to the soundtrack. But I think that hearing the songs while watching the movie is much better placement.

I liked this movie a lot. But, I do love Robin Tunny, and currently, have a crush on this actress. Cherish was a very weird movie, and I haven’t even touched on everything about it. I just wanted to give it some acknowledgment.

I’d rate it a 6.9/10, mostly for the soundtrack and the individual performances.




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