SOTW #69

Girlpool, Kali Uchis, King Krule, Haley Blais…

There is so much music to listen to! There is a lot I’ve been trying to catch up with and I have not been able to! But, one of my favorite newest releases is from Girlpool…

Lucy’s by Girlpool

I actually messaged Cleo through Instagram and they answered back to me. I told them that I their voice made me want to cry. I felt so happy just to hear Cleo’s newest voice and that then answered me. Cleo is so inspirational and an incredible songwriter.

Best Thing by Haley Blais

I missed you Haley! I’m so glad that you started making YouTube videos again for the falls season! This song is beautiful and I want to cover it some day.

Dum Surfer by King Krule

Getting back into the fall spirit. Perfect video and song for that.

Dead To Me by Kali Uchis

Beautiful. Sexy. Goddess. Empowerment.


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