Productivity Tips

I actually have a hard time being productive when it comes to certain things. Writing this post itself is productive yet I’m not reading the book for class. Some of these tips might already be implied in daily like, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded.

  1. Clean Up – This can come hand in hand in two ways. Sometimes cleaning my room or living area really makes a difference in how I feel productively. One, I’m getting my chores done! I believe that having a clean work environment will only make me more productive for other things like school work, reading, or planning. Even if its simple like making your bed, or putting away your clothes, maybe cleaning your desk or vanity – doing one or all of these things can bring some clarity and a start to a new productive workspace.
  2. Write Things Down/Planning – I am trying to be consistent with this. I always have a notebook with me and a pen and I feel that writing things down helps you remember stuff better than just typing it in your phone and disregarding. Keep a planner! If not then write it down in a notebook dedicated to dates and notes of the day. Sometimes I like to make lists of the things I need to do for the day, usually, I’ll make these lists the day beforehand.
  3. Take and Break – Don’t forget to treat yourself, being productive can sometimes drain you. I know that on some heavy days of hours and hours of straight reading my energy feels very low. Taking a break can be productive, usually, I’ll time myself about 20-30 minutes of not doing anything school related or social media related. I’ll lay down and listen to music or I’ll go make a snack or a warm drink. Sometimes I’ll do yoga or go wash my face and give myself a face mask. Rest is productive!
  4. Work Out – I know that everyone says this, but working out is so rewarding. I think that working out makes me feel like a 100 times better and less of a lazy person. It also helps with cabin fever if I’ve been stuck in the house all day. After working out I feel well stretched, energetic, and less stress. Now, working out requires planning but it is worth it! Do make time to work out, I promise it will fall into place!
  5. Turn it off – and I mean everything. The phone and the music. Unless you work better with music on then keep it. However, sometimes silence and less distraction from your phone really do help to focus on the specific task at hand. I love to listen to music, but sometimes me singing and staring at my phone really does hinder my productivity. Because I work in silence I tend to finish my work quicker.
  6. Wake Up In The Morning! – I’ve noticed that waking up at 8 or 9 can really really give me enough time to get things done for the day. From 8am-12pm I’ll focus on running some errands and working on some personal projects and then from 12pm-5 I’ll do school work. So far this has been working and sometimes I’ll alternate the times and the tasks.
  7. Make an Incentive – This can range from anything! It really depends on the person and what task must be done. For example, if you read seven chapters, you can watch 3 episodes of a TV show you like afterward. Let’s say if you take the time to go grocery shopping, you can buy one favorite juice of yours. I can’t really think of any better examples and I’m sure that you guys would probably have better ones. I find out that if I get something done, then I’ll be able to do another thing or I’ll treat myself.
  8. Work Gradually and Ahead of Time – Sort of thinking back to planning and making time, working ahead and gradually will give you that headstart into the task. For instance, this can apply to study habits. I realized that studying and reviewing my notes throughout the week will help me for that future quiz or that upcoming exam. Looking back at notes or starting a task ahead of time is taken for granted. It gives momentum towards the task at hand and I get my work done a lot quicker if I know the material better.
  9. Change or make a Habit – This relates to the previous tip. If something is not working out for you, change the way you do it. People don’t realize this but changing something that you do every day into a different action can really turn your productively flow for the best. Adding new habits gives progress in life and growth.

I hope you find these tips helpful! I know some of these apply to college life and school work but it can still apply to work ethic and daily routines! If you like posts like this let me know in the comments below! Leave and like and share! (So many !!!!!!!)!


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