New Artist Inspiration: Jessica Pratt

Acoustic Female Singer-Songwriter…

It’s been a while since I’ve been obsessed with a new artist. I don’t know where to start for Jessica Pratt. She has been quiet for a couple of years until recently she released a new single on October 24th, 2018. The first song I heard from her was from my discover weekly playlist Back, Baby. At the moment of the first lyrics ” Sometimes I pray for the rain”, I wanted to hear more of her plea.

Her music is a mix of Joni Mitchell meets Joanna Newsome meets Broadcast. It’s been a second since I’ve heard an artist with a weird or unique voice but really attracts me to Pratt is her ability to make beautiful with purely guitar and her voice. I feel as if I’m being pulled back to read into someone’s diary. Cheesy as it sounds, I imagine taking walks and the autumn leaves falling beside me while I watch people pass by listening to Pratt. I feel like writing my own songs.

Jessica Pratt recently announced that a new album, Quiet Signs, will be released next year in February. I am very excited to see what else she has to give. I just listened to the recent single and I really enjoyed the simplicity of her voice and guitar. Maybe she has kept with the same concept of guitar and voice but other sister songs might have a deeper range. However, if all the songs come out to be guitar and voice I’d still be happy. I believe that the vibe her music is trying to convey.

I support Female singer-songwriters and I really can’t wait for more of her songs. She is lovely and I hope she starts touring in Austin soon after the album release!



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