Gratitude – Day 4

“I am grateful for having a creative outlet such as my blog”

I forget that some people don’t have the change to be creative. Usually, it’s because they can’t make time for it or they don’t know where to start. There are some very talented and creative people in my life that have forgotten or stopped doing the creative things they love. It makes me sad to see this and I can only wish for them to do what they enjoy. That is one of the reasons why I made a blog, so I can be creative for my self and so I can share it with other people. I feel that it is possible to be creative in any way in your life. Sometimes you need to make that extra step to spark your creativity.


I get a lot of questions as to how I maintain a blog and I organize my time. It is hard on some days to make a post every other day and I get unmotivated or I can’t figure out something to write or talk about. Even with this challenge of gratitude, it is challenging! But I remind myself that being creative is just as important as studying for an exam or reading a textbook for the next class. Eating or sleeping, paying bills and buying groceries. Creativity takes its place in life. Everyone should take the time to find something new or creative in their lives and start pursuing it! Be it a hobby or lifestyle.

Again, I am thankful for my blog and for those who follow me along this journey and growth.


National Gratitude Month

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