Gratitude – Day 5

“I am so grateful for music”

Today, music has been the best stress reliever. I am so nervous and stressed for an exam I have, a morning class at 8, finishing a book, typing up questions, just all my classes. I am so tired and all I want to do is actually relax on my birthday. It makes me kind of sad because I would think that my 21st would be exciting on the day of. But I can’t always get what I want. Anyway, the weekend will be great!

Today consisted of me sitting at my desk going through power points and singing along to my self-made playlists I have on Spotify. It was sort of fun…blasting my vocals along to the speaker of my laptop. Singing some classics and being reminded of artists I liked really lifted my spirits for today. I miss music all the time. It’s such a great friend.

Tomorrow is going to be fine! I have nothing to worry about. Life is not setting me up for failure!

^did that sound sarcastic? I didn’t mean to lmao.


National Gratitude Month

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