21 Things I’ve Learned by 21

I hope you find this advice in the best light. Some of it is lifestyle-based and other is just general stuff. My birthday was a few days ago and really want to look back, or rather look at the now. I think I’ve learned a lot of things in my life and I think I’ve grown in my life. I’ve missed out on so much in my “past life” but where I am right now is so much better than before. So here is a list of what I’ve learned in 21 years.

1. You Get Closer To Your Family

The time spent not with your family really adds up. I always look forward to any vacation I can count on. Don’t ever forget to call or even text your family once in a while.  They need it and you need it.

2.  It’s okay to not be the most involved

I don’t think I’ve had any trouble with knowing this. But I have come to accept it. I may not be in so many groups and organizations, but that’s okay with me. When I find something I like I’ll join it. If not, then maybe I’ll make one for myself.

3. It’s okay if you don’t follow your hometowns expectations.

Suprise!!! Yes, I’ve changed my major, and I think it was for the best. It’s okay to not do what people expect you to do. My family always understood me, but I think its cause they know me the best. Other people thought I would be a famous theatre/singer/performer. I still love music, and I will keep making it, I just couldn’t have a college education on that. It took the fun out of it. So I decided to do English and Creative Writing and I’ve never been happier.

4. Take Pictures and Write Things Down

Honestly so much goes on in your life. You need to take pictures, be in pictures. You’ll forget about these things. One of my fears is losing my memory, and I want to be able to go back and look at pictures. That’s also another reason why I write in journals and my blog. I want to make sure that I experience every moment to the best fo my ability.

5. Go to as many concerts as you can

If you live in a city that holds a lot of shows and concerts, TRY TO GO TO THEM. This past week I went to two concerts on a school night. And you know what? It was worth it. Don’t miss out on great music opportunities. You don’t want to be the person who misses Tame Impala just because you have school.

6. It’s okay to be friends with the first people you meet. But it’s also okay not to.

You’re young! People will come and go in your life. You can always meet new people. Don’t hold yourself back from meeting someone and don’t hold back from not wanting to meet new people. But I recommend talking to someone at a party or an event. Sometimes connections go a long way.

7. Cleaning and organizing can help in multiple ways

I learned that I can’t function if I don’t clean up my surrounding. I hate it when my clothes pile or my backpack is like a rat hole. Cleaning physical surroundings helps with your mental cleanliness. I even cleaned up my desktop on my laptop and I feel a 100 times better.

8. Cooking is the best

Take the time to cook. Having a warm cooked meal at the end of the day is amazing. If you don’t know how to cook, look up recipes online, watch videos, read the directions. Cooking should be fun, simple, and delicious. It also saves money.

9. Start a project or creative outlet (like a Journal, Blog, Vlog, Art, Writing, Photography)

I’ve always journaled since elementary, however, I started a blog around 3 years ago and I love it. I feel that it has brought out a lot of my creative juices. I eventually started to even vlog and make more creative content and series. I love it and I recommend to start something new for yourself.

10.  Exercise every week

Sometimes I get so tired and lazy but working out really does make you feel amazing. I try to remind myself that running is me treating my body. I want my body to feel fit and healthy. Having a body goal is something to look forward too and feel proud of. It is so important and necessary to take care of your body

11. Getting those bangs was worth it

I got bangs and they came out really great. Everyone else thought that it framed my face really nice. I would totally get bangs again. Right now I’m trying to grow them out because I got tired of cutting them myself. But! Bangs are great. If you want to cut your hair or try a new style DO IT!

12. Try new styles in clothing

I think as I got older I really started to develop what my sense of style is. I think I’m still figuring it out. However, wear what you want! Don’t be afraid to start wearing new styles of clothing or colors what you’ve never had before. My goal for 2018 is to start wearing color and dresses, rather than my usual black and grey.

13. You will feel really tired and stressed but that is okay

It’s okay not to be okay! The best thing you can do for yourself is rest and do nothing! That’s the best kind of remedy to feeling tired and stressed. But if you really need to do work or school stuff, then breathe and set timers. Timers help with everything.

14. Listen to Podcasts

College can’t teach you everything. Podcasts are great to listen to while getting ready, starting the day, walking, or using up time. I laugh, I learn new things, and I’m informed.

15. Save money

Keep an emergency fund, or like emergency cash stashed away. Please have a savings account and do your best to figure out how much you are invested in your finances. This will go a long way.

16. Buy that Spotify Premium

I can’t tell you how excited I get when I hear or listen to a new song or album. Music is the best thing ever on Earth. If you do not have a music subscription –  you are missing out. If you can’t afford it then Youtube is your next best thing. But I recommend to have Spotify, it will change your life. It’s easy and affordable if you are a student. You get 5 dollars off plus Hulu for free.

17. It’s okay to get nice things, sometimes!

I know everyone my age is a poor college student. But investments are a good thing! If you want to get that nicer set of plates because they won’t break and bend like the cheap ones, then get it. But be careful with what you spend.

18.  Read

It can be a newspaper, news app, literary app, a new book, or the back of a cereal box. People tend to hate reading and that kind of hurts my soul. Please read once in a while, even audiobooks count

19.  I mean… college ain’t that hard. It doesn’t matter

People would exaggerate so much at how hard college is and how terrible and scary it is. It really isn’t. I didn’t say that I don’t have hard times. Sometimes I get swamped with readings and essays but in the end, I get it done. Yes, I get frustrated but it’s not the end of the world. Just try to take this slow.

20.  Smiling goes a long way. For you and for others.

This is a reminder to always be polite and welcoming. Cashiers, workers, bus drivers, strangers are all caught up in their mood or day. I try my best to always smile at someone. It makes me happy to see other people smile back and sometimes a conversation comes out of it. Try it once in a while, but try to not look like a creeper! 😉

21. Don’t waste time being sad

This is something I am still learning. It’s okay to feel sad or disappointed, but life is not lived to it’s fullest if you’re sad all the time. I learned that I need to distract myself to move on to the better things of the day because those are the memories that I want to keep for myself. Learn from your mistakes, your adversaries, and your pain. Things will get better, it’s all in the process of growth!


I hope you enjoyed this advice and things I’ve learned!









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