Gratitude – Day 7 and 8

Let’s do two birds with one stone!

Day 7

“I am grateful for being able to run”

I think the best part of my day had to be my running assignment. This one happened to be the big run of 4 miles. I enjoy running so much, it has become one of the most important things in my life. This run was sort of hard, not necessarily the distance but the underlying stress I had. Yesterday I was so stressed because I needed to start on an important assignment. While I ran – running become the only thing in my mind. The rhythmic beat of my feet, and the melody playing in my ears. I soon forgot about the essay and book I had to finish. Finishing the miles was the best feeling ever. There is a rewarding accomplishment after every run, and it’s one of the best feelings on earth.

Day 8

“I am grateful for the mornings”

Today I woke up, looked at the clock that said 7:14, I know…random. Then I woke up again at 8:30 and got up around 8:45. Today was a very nice morning. Sometimes not having an 8 am is really generous to the start of my day. My first class is at 11 am, so I had enough time to slowly get up to get ready for the day. It’s almost like a ritual of my week, I always enjoy the Thursday’s because it’s the marks the start of my weekend. I am awake and fresh and never in a scramble. Mornings are a precious time of solitude and recuperation.


National Gratitude Month


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