Gratitude -Day 14 and 15

When the days go as fast as they do you end up forgetting a lot of things you needed to do. For example day 14 of gratitude. Honestly, I’m sort of in a rut of what to be grateful for. I wouldn’t say I’m ungrateful, I just feel that the things I think of are so simple and trivial. But it’s true. I’m grateful for a lot of simple things. Finding the time to thank something simple as leftover pizza, is just the right step towards gratitude.

Here it goes!

” I am grateful for the song “Still Together” by Mac Demarco”

Yesterday I saw Kiki, Mac Demarco’s girlfriend, post something on her Instagram story and it got me thinking about the song. That song that will always be played after every show – “Still Together”. I love this song, like a lot. It was one of the first songs that got me hooked on the Demarco scene. I really think it has to do with the sincerity of the lyrics and how it feels to love and care about someone. It makes me think about my relationship ( I know cheesy) and I just smile and imagine singing this song to that person. I know this sounds cheesy but this song makes me feel good. It’s something special.

” I am grateful for baths ( and bath bombs)”

I’ve brought back bath time ever since it started getting really cold. Also, I bought some bath stuff (which I’ll show in a future post) from Lush! Bath’s has been so nice, and it really is a nice treat to give to yourself. I know that for me, Baths really help with my back and stomach cramps I get on my monthly, generally, anything with warmth helps with the pain! If you don’t take baths, I recommend that you should try it at least once.


National Gratitude Month


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