Gratitude – Day 16

“I am grateful for caffeine and a black cropped sweater I have”

I guess it really is true when they say caffeine is a drug, they say that right? Because my mood and senses really lifted at the sip of a coffee. I’m like in a really good mood and I just know I’ll probably crash later today. I don’t drink coffee that much, only when I really want to treat myself. Now that my blood is contaminated with caffeine, I am publically dancing and playing air guitar and drums as I write this. What is wrong with me?! 🙂 Be safe kids when you drink coffee, I’m an adult and I can’t contain myself.

Next is sort of a random item. In October, I got a sweater from Target and I really like it. It makes me look like a matador! 


What are you grateful for?


National Gratitude Month

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