Lush – review+routine

Hello! I decided to do something different! I just wanted to show you some of the products I got from Lush and what my take is on some of the products.

I’ve been obsessed with Lush, and personally, I think it has to do with the fact that I’ve been interested in ethical skin care. Now, this isn’t a routine that I do all the time, but it is a simple plan ole routine that I do when I want to relax. It is literally 3 steps and nothing afterward! So I hope you enjoy this post! I can’t wait to go to Lush again to stock up on my bath bombs.

When I went to lush I got four things:


The first two products are bath oils, the next is a gelly mask, and lastly a bath bomb. I’ve tried other bath bombs before so this time I decided to try a bath oil. It’s the cold season so my skin does need a little boost in moisturization and softness. I decided to pick the You’ve Been Mangoed, partly because I love the scent of mango and lemongrass. But first, before we draw a bath, I need to wash my face to apply my 1000 Millihelens mask! A mask to help fight breakouts and even out skin tone. Since it is the time of the month, sporadic acne has popped out on my cheeks and forehead.


lush1 copy.png

Next, draw the hot bath and prepare your bath oil! I expected the mango one to have more of a burst of color, however, it was sort of calm during the drop in the bath. It still smelled and felt good and I think that matters. However, once it fully dissolved it did look like Lime Gatorade!

lush2 copy.png

Overall the bath was so nice. Please take one if you haven’t, and use a bath oil or bomb while you’re at it! I will definitely try other bath oils and bombs, only this time something with a vibrant color and exoticness. I still haven’t tried the star one, so maybe that might give out a fun color!


  • $13.95 1000 Millihelens
  • $4.95 Butter Ball
  • $5.95 You’ve been Mangoed
  • $5.95 Double Vitality



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