Happy Birthday Devon!

Baby Bro Turning 17 Years Old, Last of Gratitude Posts…

Today is a special blog post/ gratitude! Today is my brothers birthday and he is turning seventeen! I remember when he was just a little baby, probably the first baby I’ve ever held. Now, I don’t want this post to be too long, just a little appreciation and love for my brother. He has grown so much and is so incredibly talented. If I had pictures of his art I’d show it to you, but that could be another post coming up :)!

I wish Devon the happiest of birthdays, I really can’t believe that he turned seventeen today. One day he was just a little marshmallow baby and now he’s this man-kid with facial hair and a deep voice! I’m so glad we got to see each other during the Thanksgiving break and I’m sorry I can not spend the day with you right now. I love you and miss you! Happy Birthday Devon! 🎂


This will also be the last of my daily Gratitude, I hope you enjoyed what I wrote so far!


National Gratitude Month




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