Hollie’s Notebook – New Skills, Personal Goals, Life Goals

Is this a new series? I don’t know, I feel that I have a lot of ongoing series happening to holliesongbird.com. I have playlists, Songs of The Week, Monthly Updates, What’s In My Journal, Gratitude, Reviews, Favorites, and many more that I’ve been thinking about but too afraid to start. I don’t want to lose my posts within themselves, so I decided to think about reorganizing. Before I get to that, I wanted to let you know that this may or may not be a new series. I wouldn’t categorize it as a Monthly Update since it won’t be anything about what is happening in my mental health or life. These are just notes I could have written down in my note book about bettering myself, or things I plan or wish to do over the break or free time. So I hope you enjoy, I figured that If I gave an explanation for this post it might help you better understand the messes I make for myself, hahaha. Here it goes.

So – New Skills, Personal Goals, and Life Goals

I feel that with my free time there are a bunch of things I want to do. I know that I’ve been wanting to learn a new skills and reconnecting with my hunger for knowledge.

🎨New Skills🎨

  • Start learning HTML and CSS on your own so you can figure out how to fix up your website the way you want it to be.
  • Go to skill share or one of those websites and learn about Graphic Design and other skills relating to that, maybe find a new way to design your graphics while your at it
  • Practice editing/recording software a bit more.

With my personal goals I want to do simple tasks like making a friend dates, reading a book, things like that.

📕Personal Goals📕

  • Read at least two books for myself. I am so tired of reading novels that I am assigned so maybe these new books might be refreshing.
  • Plan on the calendar the posts you want to do on songbird.
    • Same things for the youtube videos.
  • Try to run at least 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Try reading more articles on journals and magazines  to gain inspiration.
  • Practice writing like poetry and articles.
  • Brain storm new ideas for the blog.
  • Write a new song(s) – good one’s this time haha
  • friend dates and reconnecting ( yes i need to actually remind myself because i’m such a anxiety driven introvert once I get comfortable)
  • don’t forget to take amp back to Austin.

🎂Life Goals🎂

  • start or kickstart the new special secret project with friends – contact and ask friends about the idea.
  • figure out the publishing thingy you have going on.
  • Find new internships and jobs. the usual…
  • Financial Junk

It feels good to have this down somewhere, even if it’s public. I want to be able to stick to these goals for this long vacation. I want to better myself, and remind myself that I am only human. We’re all human. I hope that I achieve a good chunk of these things. Another reason why I’m taking these notes is because I need to stay busy. I don’t want to fall back into laziness. I need to keep my mind and body active with the things that I love, and you should to. This is also a perfect time for me to list these things since its the last day of the semester for me. Maybe take up a new hobby or skill. Read a book or call up a friend.

Till Then!



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